Oct. 9, 2021

Amélie is raising money for her team, her gym, and of course, her gymnastics expenses. Hey, it ain’t cheap to be this talented!  She will be timed for 5 minutes. An official counter will record the number of cartwheels she does. You may pledge any amount per cartwheel with a maximum limit (Example: if you pledge 10 cents a cartwheel and the Amélie does 150 cartwheels, you will owe $15.00 or your maximum limit set). You may also just pledge a flat donation.

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Help Amélie realize her dream of becoming the next Simone Biles (or better!)

75% of the money Amélie raises will go directly into her personal gymnast account to help pay for competition fees, uniforms, gear, and tuition. The remaining 25% of the money raised will go to Olympic Gymnastics Center to help purchase new equipment, educate our coaches, and pay for travel costs for the team as they advance to Regionals, Westerns, and Nationals.


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Please feel free to call Amélie’s parents Steven & Whitney if you have any questions: 360-204-4493