Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I receive my transcripts?

We will email your finished transcript(s) as soon as your job is complete.  You will receive it in a standard Word .doc file or if you wish we can create an Adobe Acrobat .pdf files of your material. We will provide a CD of your transcript at no additional cost if requested. We also can print hard copies of your transcripts at 25¢ per page.

What kind of material do you accept?

DVD, CD, Compressed Digital Media such as Quicktime or Windows Media – .mov,  mp3, mp4, wmv, etc. If you have shot in HD, please do not send us HD quality files! Down-res your material so each file is less than 60 minutes and approximately 180mb.

If your system created multiple files during an interview please comp them into one file. If you send us 100 two minute files you will either get 100 two minute transcripts or you will be charged an extra fee to combine all those little files into one transcript.

We also accept standard audio cassettes and VHS tapes, although these types of media will increase your turnaround time by 2-3 days and there is an additional fee to dub these to digital files. You can avoid the extended turnaround time and dubbing fee by transferring your material to a DVD before sending it to us or creating digital files and uploading to our FTP site.

Should I use audio timecode or a window burn-in?

Create a window burn-in only of visible timecode.  Please do not send files with audible timecode.

How do I rip a DVD using the free program Handbrake?
Simply watch the video below

Are you hiring for transcription jobs?

We are always accepting resumes.  Please  click here for more info.

Will you dance like a monkey for me?

We will gladly dance like a monkey for you although additional fees may apply.

Questions? Please call.