Audio Transcription

Alpha Dog Transcription can provide you with fast and accurate audio transcriptions for your meetings, conferences, lectures or seminars.  Our audio transcription rates start at just $1.83 per minute.  Audio transcription is a great way to keep accurate records of your events, to save you time and to allow you the ability to share the recorded information with others.  You can create ebooks and web-friendly .PDF files from your testimonial and audio transcriptions. We can also provide certified transcripts from your digital audio files.

When you upload your audio for transcription through our secure server, we will provide flawless transcripts that are swift and under budget.  You’ll receive a .doc or .txt file which you can edit, cut and paste, format and share with your colleagues or clients.  Audio transcription – What could be easier!

  • Transcriptions from your meetings

  • Seminar transcription

  • Focus group transcription

  • Transcription from your lecture

  • Certified transcription

  • Transcription from audio dictation

  • Insurance deposition transcription