Voice to text transcription from Alpha Dog Transcriptions in Los Angeles is just one of the many transcription services Alpha Dog Transcriptions provides.  Voice to text is a common phrase used when making a transcription from an audio file.  Digital Word text documents are created using voice to text transcription techniques and are common in many fields.  Beside voice to text transcription, or audio to text as it is frequently called, video to text is more and more popular.  Video to text, although not as common as voice to text or audio to text is a great way to index your project using timecode.


“Make-believe is the avenue to much of the young child’s early understanding. He sorts out impressions and tries out ideas that are foundational to his later realistic comprehension. This private world sometimes is a quiet, solitary world. More often it is a noisy, busy, crowded place where language grows, and social skills develop, and where perseverance and attention-span expand.” ~ James L. Hymes, Jr.