Legal transcription is an important part of business, education and entertainment.  But not all legal transcription services are equal.  If you’ve been searching the internet for legal transcription services you’ll notice a wide range of prices.  So how do you know you’re getting the best deal.  At Alpha Dog Transcription services we charge a per-minute rate so that you can accurately budget for your legal transcription.  Secondly, we have no hidden fees. What you are quoted is exactly what you pay.  Also, all of our legal transcriptions are done here in the United States.  Many of the lower cost companies outsource their work to other countries.  What you often get in return are many inaccuracies. Slang, local colloquialisms and pop culture references are difficult to transcribe when you are not typing in your native language.  You also need to consider reliability and turnaround time when you are looking for an legal transcription service.  So if you are in need of legal transcription services please consider contacting